Sunday, October 17, 2010

expect it

On Saturday morning I knocked on the door of a home I had visited just a few months before. Things looked a little different this time around. Bellies were smaller, and joy was bigger. And a new breath of life was the reason for both. It reminded me of how quickly time goes by, and how there are so many precious moments in life to be savored. How thankful I am to have been asked to take part in helping to savor a few precious moments in the life of this growing family.

I'm also reminded that being able to capture such moments is a true blessing...and that sharing these moments with others is a major part of that blessing. And so I need to do more of this...the sharing. In many parts of my life. So be patient as I rewind a bit. Because before this baby arrived there was a very important growing and nurturing season certainly worth cherishing.

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