Monday, September 27, 2010

a new recipe

Before Benjamin. This is how I came to know Laura. A delightful chef with a good spoon. The right spices made her smile and you could see her soul warm with the first taste of a food which had been rightened by the likes of her special touch. She loved friends. And dinner guests. Perfectly, she loved friends as dinner guests. Impeccable playlists would serenade as she dished out the tastiest of meals to us, the lucky ones sitting around her well set table. Good food and good company, making for quite the good life. She could almost fool you into thinking this was all she might ever need.

Until Benjamin. A classy gentleman from the south, who one day caught the attention of this classy midwest gal. It wasn't long before Laura was in the kitchen stirring up new recipes for HIM to enjoy...all the days of his life.


  1. hey, hey...lookie's our lovely LB! :) love the images. :) and you!

  2. love 'em EM! :-) great job. mmmmhm.